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  • Aikido Australia : a site outlining the activities of the KI Federation of Australia and Aikido in general.
  • Aikido Dictionary : compilation with kanji as graphics (no JIS capable browser required)
  • Aikido Dojo Guide : resource for dojos worldwide.
  • Aikido FAQ : an encyclopedic source for Aikido information
  • Aikido in the UK : starting point for info on Aikido in the UK and Europe. Moderate emphasis on Tomiki Aikido
  • aikidodotcom : information site.
  • AikidoNET : Aikido resources and information
  • Aikido-The Art of Self-Defense : has Hombu Aikikai news
  • Aikikai Hombu Dojo(in English) : world headquarters for Aikido. Located Tokyo, Japan
  • AikiWeb : large and highly organized resource for Aikido information
  • Black Sword Aikido : Black Sword Aikido is a martial discipline for strengthening the body, mind and spirit and for discovering one's true will and purpose in the scheme of things.
  • Chicago Ki Society Annex : Investigate the concept of Ki/Qi/Chi through articles and stories.
  • International Aikido Federation : the world organization of the Japanese martial art Aikido. Its members are the national federations of Aikido.
  • Internet Aikido Links Foundation : a Hypermart site with links to many Aikido web sites.
  • John Murray's Aikido Stuff : includes Aikido-L Mailing List Archive, a calendar of events, some video clips and other links.
  • Kihon Aikido Homepage : The first Hungarian Aikido homepage
  • Mister Jesters Site of Power : describes some basic martial arts "ki" meditation techniques and provides links to related sites.
  • Seidokan Aikido : A site about Seidokan Aikido with a lot of new MPeG and VIVO clips of Aikido and details about Seidokan Aikido and Aiki Dojo of Seidokan in Jerusalem
  • Sensei Information : an index of Aikido instructors worldwide
  • The Aikido Centre NSW : Dedicated to teaching Aikido as passed on to us by Shihan Sugano (8th Dan)
  • Winston-Salem Aikido : Tomiki-Ryu Aikido class located in the NC Triad.
  • Zenshinkan Dojo : Aikido Dojo located in Worcester, MA

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