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  • Bj°rnar's Capoeira Page : includes a definition, history, a dictionary, related music, and pictures.
  • Capoeira - Jogo de Vida : articles, pictures archive, school listing and more.
  • Capoeira Corner : with photos, explanations of the different Capoeira schools, descriptions and diagrams of many moves, and more.
  • Capoeira In Singapore : about the dance and its presence in Singapore.
  • Capoeira Undiscovered : pictures, links, chat room, and more.
  • Capoeira WebRing
  • CapoEuropa : capoeira in Europe. History, upcoming events, articles, rituals and music, bibliography, and more.
  • Chimp Capoeira : history, media, song lyrics, drawings, links, moves, how to backflip, and tons and tons of pictures.
  • : with links and information about capoeira history, products, music, web sites, and more.
  • Mission: Capoeira Moves : a quest to find every name for every capoeira move.
  • Planet Capoeira Magazine : columns, product reviews, school locator, and more.
  • Roda Capoeira : includes history, glossary, pictures, and links.
  • Thiago's Capoeira Angola Page : history, events, music information, groups and more. In Portuguese and English.

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