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  • Aikido Australia : a site outlining the activities of the KI Federation of Australia and Aikido in general.
  • American Federation of Jujitsu (AFJ) : offers certifications, school charters, uniform patches, and more.
  • American Judo and Jujitsu Federation : corporation represented by Jujitsu, Judo and other martial arts schools across the nation.
  • British Shorinji Kempo Federation
  • Dutch Wing Chun Kung Fu Federation : the largest Wing Chun Kung Fu organization in Holland.
  • International Aikido Federation : the world organization of the Japanese martial art Aikido. Its members are the national federations of Aikido.
  • International Amateur Muay Thai Federation : world governing body for amateur Muay Thai. Features information about the sport, tournaments, rankings, and classes.
  • International Federation of Wu Style Tai Chi Chu'an : includes photo archives, history, and an index of clubs.
  • International Judo Federation : general info, national federations, championships, continental unions and more.
  • International Shinkendo Federation : Obata Toshishiro's organization
  • International Taekwon-Do Federation : The official ITF web site authorized and commissioned by the Founder; General Choi, Hong Hi.
  • Nisei Bujutsu Federation of America : a ju-jutsu concept comprised of several martial arts principles including Daito-Ryu, Hakko-Ryu, Yoshitsune Jutsu, Judo, Naha-Te Karate and Kobu-Jutsu.
  • Pencak Silat Federation of United Kingdom : Pencak Silat Organisation which monitor the Pencak Silat activities in UK
  • Swedish Shorinji Kempo Federation : providing general information.
  • United Kingdom MuayThai Federation (UKMF)
  • USA Karate Federation
  • World Jeet Kune Do Federation : instruction and world wide certification. Information on Bruce Lee and a primer on JKD.
  • World Taido Federation : scientific martial art which has taken the essence of the traditional Japanese martial arts.

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