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  • Hapkido Lineages : based on research by Dakin Burdick at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
  • Hapkido Patches : fun set of pages with jacket patches from various Hapkido organizations.
  • Hapkido Vocabulary
  • Hapkido World Magazine : Birgit und Dieter Jńger publish on-line Redaktion Hapkido World, an International Hapkido Journal, which is available in several languages including English. Submissions are accepted regarding Hapkido activities worldwide.
  • History of Hapkido : a version of Hapkido's history with references to other sources of information as well.
  • Martial Arts Resource Korean Arts Page : allows veiwer to subscribe to dojang digest a newsgroup devoted to Korean martial arts as well as other resources.
  • Scott Shaw's Hapkido International : The history of the Korean Martial Arts. The rank structure of Hapkido. Data on Hapkido, Taekwondo, Kumdo, and Korean Ki.

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