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  • Care of a Japanese Sword : site for proper handling and etiquette of a Japanese sword
  • Guelph School of Japanese Sword Arts : annual event featuring martial arts instruction, academic presentations, and demonstrations. A crafts section includes many of the arts used to build Japanese swords.
  • Hokushin Shinoh Ryu Iai-do : Traditional Japanese swordsmanship school of Nagoya Japan
  • Iaido : a Finnish page about Iaido with some links
  • Iaido - overview : very nice overview on British Kendo Association website
  • Iaido FTP Site : lots of good info
  • Japanese Language Links : computers and Japanese Resource
  • Japanese Sword - Nihonto : Japanese swords (Nihonto) information plus files to assist translation of the kanji used in swordsmiths signatures (mei)
  • Nihongo.Org : a Guide To Japan and its Culture. (English)
  • Nihonto Handling : pretty good site, very down-to-business on the respect one should show to a sword. Seems to have a bug, though, as the text repeats itself about halfway through the page.

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