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  • 2,000 Years Jujitsu and Kodokan Judo : the spread of Judo across America is covered in depth.
  • Allexperts Judo Technique Q&A : black belts, instructors, and other experts answer your detailed questions about Judo technique, form, and maneuvering for free.
  • Celita Schutz - 2000 Olympics Fundraising : fundraising information for Celita Schutz, member of the 2000 United States Olympic Judo Team. T-shirt, poster, 8x10 photos.
  • Danny Abramovitch's Martial Arts Home : non-commercial site with links to various judo and martial arts sites.
  • DeLeon Martial Arts Academy : Judo, JuJitsu, Tae Kwon Do, and Self Defense taught by Master Benjamin A. DeLeon,Sr. in South Eastern Wisconsin. Traditional Martial Arts with a twist. Resources, links, instruction.
  • Judo : describes Judo and has a list of techniques and training methods. Has links to Australian sites and introduction to competition rules
  • Judo for Blind Athletes : information for blind judoka
  • Judo Forum : the Judo Forum is a magazine dedicated to the service of judo as a martial art, as a sport, as recreation and as physical education.
  • Judo Information Site : references on Judo history, principles, philosophy, tournaments, techniques, lists of clubs, links, humor, art, videos, animations, books,...
  • Judo Ontario Online
  • Judo on the Internet : the Judo Webring site listing.
  • Judo Sites on the Web : Judo related material on the Web - and lots of it.
  • Judo Techniques: Judo Info Site : comprehensive site of Judo techniques
  • JudoCentral : Judo information site providing demonstrations of techniques in both picture and video format.
  • Judo2000.com : a sub-portal from Rhee.com with judo information
  • The JudoWeb : Judo resources, links, and school lists.
  • JudoWorld Home
  • Maartens Judo Site : a Judo information site. Pages in English and Dutch.
  • Raino's Judopage : contains the history and information about Judo. Pictures, technique listings, word translation (Japanese - English), stuff about Finnsnes Judoklubb and so on with personal content, like drawings and poems. Enjoy!
  • Rob's Judo site. : site in English and Dutch with a comprehensive collection of pictures and animations to illustrate Judo techniques.
  • The World of Judo Magazine : the official magazine of the British Judo Association.
  • Tommy's Judo Page : description of the Goshin-waza (self-defence techniques) of Judo.
  • What is a great guide to Judo?
  • World Judo Organisation : interviews and Photos of World and Olympic Judo Champions. A good index of information about judo, with links around the world.

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