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  • About Kendo : basic information for starting out in this Japanese martial art.
  • Iaido/Kendo/Batto-do Resources : comprehensive collection of resources for those in the sword arts.
  • International Kendo Federation Rules of Kendo : Kendo Match Regulations & Refereeing, ca. October 1994. Published by the Anthony Galvan of the Southern California Kendo Federation.
  • Kendo : general information including contact information for US AUSKF dojos, list of international organizations affiliated with the IKF, glossary, and match regulations.
  • Kendo game : a Shockwave based game at a Japanese site
  • : dedicated to Kendo, the way of the Japanese Sword.
  • Kendo Related Sites on Internet : large set links from the Shidokan Kendo Club in Montreal, Canada
  • Kendo/Shiai Glossary : English translations of the Japanese terms used in Kendo.
  • Tom Bolling's Budo Links : info on kendo and related topics.
  • Westside Kendo Dojo : Dojo information and schedule as well as general kendo info and training tips.
  • What's Kendo? : concise and complete description of Kendo

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