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  • Dutch Wing Chun Kung Fu Federation : the largest Wing Chun Kung Fu organization in Holland.
  • Kings Kung-Fu Association and Services : classes in Kung-Fu and Tai Chi Chuan, books, videos, herbal products such as Dit Da Jow, a newsletter, events page and links page.
  • Kung Fu: Caine is Coming in 3D on Entertaindom : Kwai Chang Caine, voiced by David Carradine, lives on with Entertaindom's Kung Fu, a 3-D interactive, animated series about Eastern philosophy, martial arts and more.
  • Kung Fu Online : a source for information about the Chinese Martial Arts: features, library, web directory, school listing, chat room, roundtables, online supply shop, and event calendar.
  • Kung Fu, The Home Page : information on old-time learning, description of the styles, school listings, and links.
  • Kung Fu, the Way of Life : Tao of Kung Fu - site with overviews of many styles.
  • Kungfu Mailing List : a page for the world-wide kungfu e-mail discussion group, an open forum for all traditional chinese martial artists.
  • Kung-Fu Wu-Su Association : home of the Chinese Kung Fu Wu Su Association, fostered by the legendary Yellow Emporer, Huang Ti, more than 6,000 years ago and perpetuated by the renowned warrior-monks of the Shaolin Temple, the Wu Dan, Kun Lun, Qu'an Lon and Yellow Mountain regions and the O'Mei Mountain Monastery for centuries.
  • Mint Hill Kung Fu School : Lai Tung Pai, Wing Chun, Hsing I, Tai Chi Chuan
  • Sao Lim Kung Fu : Sao Lim Kung Fu in Holland
  • Shan Tung Kung-Fu Association of U.S.A. : offers classes in traditional Northern Eagle Claw (Ying Jow Pai) Kung-Fu, Tai-Chi Chuan, Weapons and Lion Dance.
  • Shaolin Home Page : Offers info about Shaolin Kung Fu
  • Shaolin wushu and taiji training in Shaolin
  • Spheral's "A Little About Martial Arts" Page : A.L.M.A. provides many services to the Martial Arts community such as: database of kungfu forms, info about major styles, training tips, techniques of the months, TCM and much more.
  • Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Netherlands : Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu (William Cheung) in the Netherlands.
  • Ulanga's Fu Hok P'ai Hung Gar and Choy Li Fut School : official homepage of the Ulanga's Fu Hok P'ai, an organization dedicated to promoting Hung Gar and Choy Li Fut in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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