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  • A Silat Fighter's Handbook : A site on 'Wiralaga', silat competition fighting.
  • One With Heart - New York City : home page for a Poekoelan school in NYC. Poekoelan is an Indonesian martial art. Describes style and has contact info.
  • Pencak Silat Federation of United Kingdom : Pencak Silat Organisation which monitor the Pencak Silat activities in UK
  • Pencak Silat Mande Muda : founded by Uyuh Suwanda
  • Pencak Silat Manyang Dordrecht : a Indonesian way of selfdefence. We do it the Manyang way
  • Pencak Silat Ratu Adil : an Indonesian martial arts style developed by Rudy Ter Linden
  • Perguruan Pencak Silat Europa : information about Perguruan Pencak Silat Europa
  • Perguruan Pencak Silat Padjadjaran : official homepage of Pencak Silat Padjadjaran, traditional Pencak Silat from Bogor West-Java, many pencak silat links.
  • Perguruan Seni Panack Silat Gerak 41 : FOUR Brunei Pencak Silat Styles become ONE multi-dimensional system of self-defence.
  • pukulan pencak silat : linksite to Pukulan, Pencak Silat and Kuntao on the web, with interesting articles about the founders, a section on upcoming events, etc.
  • Pukulan Pentjak Silat Mustika Kweetang : Persatuan Pentjak Silat Mustika Kweetang as taught by Guru Jim Ingram. Guru Ingram's broad base of knowledge includes Tjimande, Manyang, Pukulan , Gulat and Vitimaen also.
  • Seni Silat Helang Putih Malaysia : Pertubuhan Seni Silat Kegayungan Helang Putih Malaysia. Soar high with us!!!
  • A Silat Fighter's Handbook : a look at Wiralaga, silat competition fighting, told by a student of Silat Seni Gayong PASAK in Singapore, Azlan Abu Hassan.
  • Silat for all : Perguruan Seksi Seni Silat Sekilas ( Singapore ) a Silat School in Singapore
  • Silek Tuo Pusako Minang, (pencak) silat West-Sumatran style : their style is based on the martial art of the Minang people (West-Sumatra). Emphasizes respect / understanding of the passionate strength, typical of silat. Site will be in English & Indonesian soon.
  • Tunggal Hati Seminari-Tunggal Hati Maria (THS-THM) : THS-THM is an Martial Arts Organization from Indonesia, that have 26 groups of movement (jurus), and 12 styles of breathing, etc...
  • Universal In-Fighting Systems : Pentjak Silat Sterlak, Hok Kuntao, Kali history, photos and training methods.
  • Vancouver Kali / Silat Association : links and info about Pencak Silat and information on Vancouver Silat Guros, Roedy Wiranatakusumah, Louie Lindo, and Loki Jorgenson
  • VDT Academy Pentjak Silat Serak : website of the USA tjabang of Guru Besar Maurice deThouars, MaHa Guru Victor deThouars, and Guru Robert Vanatta.
  • Wu-Tang King Dragon Kung-Fu Warrior Monk : a Chinese-Indonesian-Thai fighting art developed by a Chinese Warrior monk and an Indonesian Master Fighter.

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